Allergy Buddy was developed by a mum after her 3 year old daughter was diagnosed as Anaphylactic. She needed to provide the kindergarten with an action plan pack and had to resort to buying a lunchbox to hold the EpiPen® (Adrenaline Auto-Injector) and Zyrtec® (Antihistamine). Her daughter's name was written on the outside of a lunchbox with a permanent marker pen.

This "lunchbox" sat on top of the First Aid cabinet in the staff kitchen, with seven other students "special lunchboxes".

This just didn't make sense that life saving medication for a severe allergic reaction would be sitting inside a lunchbox; one box on top of each other, and side by side of each other.

On excursions these "special lunchboxes" would be placed into a large backpack, with photocopies of the action plans. In addition another backpack was used to carry change of clothes and general first aid. I was concerned about this system and so were the other mums of the children with allergies, and even the kindergarten teacher thought there must be a better way.

Hence, the development of Allergy Buddy - Rapid Access Medical Panel.